Landscape Cleaning

Rain, sleet, hail, snow and all the various weather conditions we experience affect the way our properties look from season to season. Landscapes are supposed to be one of those places where we spend quality time BBQing, maybe having some drinks or just hanging out with our loved ones and friends. Maintaining It is a big job because it requires a lot of work. You’re in luck because landscape cleaning comes as second nature to us. We restore your property back to the way it should look after its taken nature’s beating.

Office Cleaning

You have a business that you operate day in and day out. You know the extremes that your floors, restrooms, offices and lounges go through. When a customer comes in you want them to feel comfortable about walking into your domain so that they share the same energy you put out to them. Office cleaning services and what they do are the best way to always ensure that you keep your business homely to your customers. Our office cleaning services eliminate any worry you could possibly have of your co-workers or customers coming in and not feeling at ease. We clean to impress! No ifs, ands, or buts! Let us be the ones to bring office cleaning to a whole new level.

Post Construction Cleaning

How nice is it to walk into a freshly built home, and to feel the freshness of a cleaning service in the air. After the construction site of a brand new home, the houses are completely filthy. It’s definitely a lot of work to get it tidy but somebody’s got to do it. A cleaning service is the best way to solve that problem. At Entirely clean services we leave an entire clean service from the doorsteps to the attic.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can make a huge difference to the atmosphere in your home, and they can be an essential element of your business’s image. Whether it is for high-rise office buildings, industrial spaces or everything in between – every window we clean looks as good as new.  For your convenience, we work weekends, overnight and outside of regular hours for your convenience. ECN guarantees you a smear free finish offering beautiful results. We cover all of the GTA and its surrounding areas. So why not give us a call today. Whatever your requirements, we will offer you a no obligation free quote. Let us take care of your commercial and business window cleaning needs, while you are free to concentrate on your business.

Hood Range Cleaning

 If your vent hoods have never been cleaned, it is very likely that it will be quite messy. Also, excessive grease and grime trapped in your vent hoods, years of neglect, and other factors can cause your oven ventilation system to malfunction. Over time, the motor and bearings of the fan in your oven vent may become stiff because of the constant heat, humidity, and grease to which they are exposed. To keep your stove vent running at peak performance, you need to clean your over-the-stove vent hood periodically to prevent things like improper function or odd noises during operation. This should be handled by a professional. 

Gutter Cleaning

Many gutter defects are caused by the accumulation of leaves, branches, moss, dirt, dust, and other natural debris. When rainwater is no longer freely flowing through your gutters, it will eventually start to overflow, causing rust and all sorts of damage to your property. We believe that cleaning gutters should be simple. Here at ECN we bring all necessary equipment on-site to locate and remove the troublesome debris as soon as possible. Our service is not limited in time, so the team won’t leave your premises until your leaking gutter joint or blocked downpipe is working as intended.


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